Because the world needs you.

Now more than ever, it’s important to become a citizen of the world. Connecting with others through experiences that illustrate our differences as well as our similarities is what will keep us moving forward and looking ahead to an exciting future. Aspire is here to be a part of this transformation.

Invest in the future.

For many, an API program may be a student’s first opportunity to travel abroad. Traveling abroad challenges students to expand their understanding of the world away from the comfort of their own culture. The experience compels students to apply lessons outside of the classroom, gain new perspectives with every conversation and observation, and question who they are and what they want to become. Every day represents a unique opportunity for personal growth, developing new strengths and new skills that will help to prepare students for future successes in an increasingly global economy.

Earn college credit.

All API gap year programs and many summer programs offer students the opportunity to earn college credit. A transcript from the foreign institution can be sent to any U.S. university, enabling students to earn transfer credits for the courses successfully completed while abroad. API alumni can be hours ahead in their degree plan before they even start college. Students who don’t yet know which U.S. college or university they will attend can still earn credits. API will retain an official copy of students’ transcripts that can be forwarded directly to each student’s college of choice whenever they are ready.

Italy Florence Duomo From Side
Costa Rica Butterfly
Costa Rica Students Hiking In Jungle
Italy Florence Duomo
France Paris Louvre Pyramid
France Paris Eiffel Tower With Blue Sky
Italy Florence Duomo Ceiling
France Paris Eiffel Tower Purple Sky
Costa Rica San Jose Statue
France Paris Gold Horse Statue
Italy Florence At Night